Website problem does not display images and video streams when installing the free Cloudflare SSL

Hello sir can you help me :cry:
I have a website and I open it, why are all the pictures broken and can’t display my pictures and streams?? is there a solution please help

Sorry for the issues you’re facing @forizonfx, I see you’ve removed the site from Cloudflare, so it is impossible to properly diagnose the issue.

If the SSL :ssl: isn’t showing correctly or if elements of the page are missing, that is often a case of mixed content on your page. If some of the content that is loading is not HTTPS there will be problems. Please check out this KB article for some helpful tips:

How do I fix the SSL Mixed Content Error Message?

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Sorry, wait sir I have changed the site to another website http// this is my new site but I am dizzy when fixing a technical error but only ssl but my website image does not appear what is the solution?

Oh yeah I used the image api key from the web TMDB/ the movie database and my video stream doesn’t appear because of SSL CLOUDFLARE

Is there a Youtube tutorial how to solve it quickly and easily so that it is better understood sir please help

How did you come to that conclusion?

The site you shared loads properly for me, albeit with images missing. If you pause cloudflare on the site (from the overview page), do the images appear on your site? I am starting to see issues when navigating the site where the css appears broken.

I’d pause cloudflare on the site, get it working properly and securely without cloudflare (meaning an origin certificate), then unpause and change the ssl / tls setting to Full (strict), it’s flexible now. If you cannot get a certificate for the origin, you can generate one from your dashboard

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OK, I’ll make a certificate of origin, but can’t generate it from the prohostfree site, is that not a problem?
if I will create a full scrit certificate and enter the generate key and origin certificate to the freehost web hosting (Prohostfree)

So, after that, I uploaded it and then there was a red warning sign “The certificate can not be blank. The certificate uploaded is NOT for the domain name http// ( was seen) .” How fixed?

and this

After that, I first generated a key origin certificate generator and suddenly when I installed it on SSL / TLS cPanel I got a red sign

Generate a cert from the cloudflare dash

The origin certificate you generate from the cloudflare dash will only work when using cloudflare.

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I installed the certificate origin to my cpanel domain free forever but it can’t be installed, How fixed?

ok i will try again

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I tried several times but failed but how?

at prohostfree host there are 3 certificates namely private key, CSR and certificate

Is there another way to make it work and smooth???

Did you try to pause cf and get the site working with ssl?

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yes, I’ve tried pausing CF, but the site works without SSL, meaning there’s no green lock yet

well thank you re right my site already brought up the image again when installing the cloudflare ssl

You unfortunately have an insecure site, as you have no certificate and an insecure legacy encryption mode on Cloudflare.

Right now you have no encryption.

no no my site is safe now but i have installed Cloudflare this is the second site https//

It’s not, as evident by this screenshot


You only have the proxy certificate, which does not secure the site.

You still have no encryption.

ok, I’ll do it right away, I’ll try, oh yes, as I suspected, it’s true, because it looks like the CSS error, I’m sorry, I’ll immediately fix an error in a code

but my two sites are safe, you try to check