Website pointing to localhost suspected cloudflare issue

a website i run called has a very persisting and inconsistent error. some readers say when they attempt to access the site they’re forwarded to the local host [], I contacted my hosting and they troubleshot the issue and they say nothing is on their side that could cause this.

I notice this issue is happening with people in Asia and in Europe, it comes and goes and happens suddenly. I have no idea why its happening but my hunch says it might have something to do with cloudflare because I have never coded anything in my life and never did anything that could point to the localhost in the website files. the plugins I use are very minimal and popular so none of them have ever caused issue.

plz help

I am suspecting that this issue is a internet router issue. People who have access your site has router issues.
The router might need a new software update. This is not CF. Hope that helps.

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