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I decided to try cloudflare cdn to see if i could squeeze any milliseconds of performance based upon the PageSpeed Insights test from google. I have gained nothing.

Prior to the tests, my mobile score hovered in the 74-77 range (which is poor and my page is rather light - way less than 1 mb). After conversion to cloudflare cdn, the scores are the same.

I think that the moral of the story is that sites/servers which are already optimized along the dimensions relevant to cdn will not see great benefit from cdn. the heart of server performance is on the server - not in “the cloud.”

on the other hand, there are benefits such as ddos protection, redundancy, etc which may provide advantages.

if anyone knows of any settings in the pro plan which might improve performance, i am all ears.

As we do not know the domain name / website, we cannot provide some more usefull information to your reply.

Depending on the tools you have used like Google PageSpeed, GTMetrix, Pingdom Tools,, it could be some cache either on their side for the results.
Moreover, if you recently added your domain to your Cloudflare account, it could take some time to DNS discover changes if so.

Regarding the Pro plan, you have more options like Mirage and Polish for your images.

Moreover, you should enable Brotli, HTTP/2, Minify of CSS/JS/HTML and Rocket Loader at Cloudflare dashboard at first sight.
Later on, you can setup the cache settings depending on your needs (1 day, 1 hour …).

Kindly, check here more information about PageSpeed:

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