Website performance SLOWER with cloudflare

(using domain_com to mean, the hosting company)
I’m using domain_com as my webhost, and have my DNS setup to point to cloudflare - and my website comes up. Great. However, the initial page load takes 10-15 seconds. At times yesterday, it was taking 60 seconds. I tested this morning, back down to 15 seconds. This is the time from my inital request until the index page comes back.

If I change my /etc/hosts/ to point directly at my domain_com website, it comes up in 1 second.

I’m thinking that domain_com is slowing cloudflare performance? What else can I do to verify this, or even address this?


Cloudflare will naturally add a bit of latency for all uncached content, but that will never amount to fifty seconds and will rather be in the range of milliseconds.

In your case it will be most likely an issue on your server, possibly coupled with rate limiting concerning the connections from the proxies.

Whats your domain?

Thanks for you help Sandro,
my domain name is

I can confirm the delay in the response, but that really seems to come straight from your server.

Does your server IP address end in 137?

yes, and when I access it directly, it gives me the page right away. I’m thinking you’re right about the proxy connections being limited. Maybe find a different host??

I accessed it directly earlier and it took 21 seconds, just for the HTML document.

by the way, work closely with Sitelock, but we weren’t liking them, so we moved. now, it’s slow… Huh, I guess they wanted us to stay with sitelock.

Are you using a cloudflare IP address?


ok, but from a cloudflare IP range, is what I mean to convey :slight_smile:

Alright, understood. No, not a Cloudflare address.

I just tested again, and got a 5 seconds before HTML (direct to server). I’m thinking it’s time to recommend a different web host.
Thanks for helping me test it.

A different host might seem like a good idea.

Just checked it from a different connection and the document loaded in about five seconds.

A second attempt from the first connection took now ~15 seconds.

All direct connections of course.

Also, your HTTPS certificate expired almost four months ago. You might want to address that as well, should you want to use SSL in the future.

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