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Question for you fellas and support.
Maybe you are familiar with GTmetrix - sometimes works better than page speed. The problem is that when I test my site with Canada Server it has nice stats, all green etc, but when its switched to London, the grade is D, sometimes even F. Cloudflare is set up, shouldn’t the performance be quite the same?

I assume your server is somewhere in the US?
I also assume, that you are not caching the HTML? (with Cache Everything)

If both is true, then your traffic is ‘just’ proxied. That means, the most critical request will not be cached by Cloudflare and therefore your website gets slower, the farther you are away from you origin the slower your site will be, since the request needs to travel the whole distance to you origin.

At Google PageSpeed Insights you can’t chose a location, it decides itself where to test from. That’s why you probably don’t have this problem with Google PageSpeed Insights.

Thanks for reply. Well Cache Level to website is set up to Cache Everything so I assume that HTML is caching. Well, we have two servers and one is located in US, it’s synchronised

Would you mind providing the domain to us?

Ok, so first you use Wordpress + APO. this is the recommended setup here at Cloudflare if you use Wordpress.

Is there any chance that they ATM are not in sync?
To make sure this is not the case, please delete ALL cache at Cloudflare and on your Application.

When I compare the tests I see big differences aswell and would like to rule out, that it has something to do with these servers not being in sync.

London: Latest Performance Report for: | GTmetrix
Vancouver: Latest Performance Report for: | GTmetrix

The TTFB/FCP is fairly similar, but then it starts to differentiate.
Also you load a ton lots of JS and thirth party resources which may are faster in america then here?

Worse loading of resources in another location is possible, although as a rule companies tend to provide such services so that there is balance everywhere…but well. Iam sure its synchronised. If you say delete all cache at Cloudfare, I guess you mean “Purge Everything” - I used it many items, so won’t make difference now.

Why I requested this is: your website is a different website in Canada, than in England. See:

209 requests.

197 requests.

Size is mostly the same, so I assume it is about a small file, maybe additional JS that gets invoked in the EU? Maybe cookie consent things or anything like this?

Do you see a difference in real world speed in these areas, or just when measures with a synthetic benchmark?

Unfortunately just measures with a synthetic benchmark. Yes, I see there is one more js loaded, but only 160B.

The counter states, there are (209-197) 12 more files loaded at London, than at Vancouver.

Yeah, don’t know what it is exactly, but this resources are loaded and hotjar loading failed

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