Website payment gateway integration returning 403 forbidden response error at checkout due to api using cloudflare

Hello, getting this in my error log when somebody trys to place an order on my website “Cart | Cake and Sugar Art
Have tried talking to laybuy directly however they cannot see the request made via the ip "" therefore they are unable to whitelist the ip?
Any help would be appreciated.
Have tried everything on my end (changing server locations/ip’s, pausing cloudflare on my website, contacting laybuy, etc.) seems as if the ip “” is getting blacklisted by cloudflare?

I have attached an error from the error log below, feel free to take a look.

LayBuy error

If Pausing Cloudflare on your website doesn’t fix it, then Cloudflare isn’t the problem…at least at your end.

It turns out that Laybuy is using Cloudflare, and that error is because Laybuy is blocking your connection.

This is the IP address in that error message: 2a02:4780:b::6 (Your Hostinger Server’s IPv6 address)
And this is the Ray ID: 69fc910bdfed527b

Laybuy should be able to find that in their Firewall log.

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I will check again with Laybuy however they couldn’t find anything last time I checked with them in their firewall.
I can confirm it’s not my end

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