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The search for my my website is showing “ is parked free, courtesy of GoDaddy said i should check with the website host(Cloudflare). How do I resolve this problem asap? Thanks.

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Your site is not hosted at Cloudflare, but I
I am not surprised that GoDaddy don’t understand that. You are seeing a GoDaddy parking page because you have a DNS record that points to the IP of their parking server. You will want to update the IP of that name to use the one provided by your webhost, which is not Cloudflare.

I did a search to find out who is hosting my website and it came back with Cloudflare not GoDaddy.

You need to be smarter than the tools that you are using in order to know when they are wrong. Unless you are using Cloudflare Pages, Cloudflare is not hosting your website.

I am in no way an expert or a tech. I am simply trying to figure out why my website is down and how to fix it. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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Do you have a website built somewhere? If you only registered a domain at GoDaddy and never uploaded your website to their hosting, there won’t be much they can do. If you have think that you should an actual site on GoDaddy, read on.

Pausing Cloudflare on your site is the best way to ensure that webhosting provider support staff that don’t understand how Cloudflare works aren’t misdirected by Cloudflare IPs. Once your webhost fixes your site so that is is no longer pointing at their parking page, you can reactivate Cloudflare gain.

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