Website Pages Limit & Custom Domain /project question

  1. Can I increase the limit(100) of the pages I can host using Cloudflare Pages? 2. What does 100 custom domain per project on your free plan mean?

I believe you need to have enterprise to raise them limit. You can also try the request form, but that isn’t guaranteed.

It means that you can only add 100 custom domains to a pages project. A custom domain being something like instead of using the url.

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Am using it for my new agency offering website hosting and development and by any chance do you know if I can like host thousands or even millions of website using the hosting of CF pages and with upgraded plans?

Yes. That’s perfectly fine.

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Hi @WalshyMVP, thanks for responding and let me clarify, I can host 100,000 different website for my clients without any problems for what plan exactly does 100,000 still good for FREE, PRO or BUSINESS? Thank you!

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