Website Page content does not load or looks broken

Hi There,
I am facing an issue with Cloudflare CDN where few random pages does not load properly/ Load menu items and some content without css etc:

Can anyone tell me what could be the cause or anyone facing the same issue?

Thanks in advance.

That will be mixed content. Is your server properly configured for SSL? What’s the domain?

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Open F12 Developer Tools - Network tab and perform a refresh. Which requests displayed in red?

Also check out Console tab and see if there’s any error messages reported by your browser.

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Thannks Eric, I will do that when I see the issue again. The issue does not appear all the time but some days.


Hi Sandro,

yes, the server is properly configured.


Then you should not have mixed content. Your server will be simply sending HTTP links here. Again, what’s the domain?

If your domain is, then I would not have any mixed content for now. Maybe it’s a caching issue with your browser. Have you tried clearing your cache and also another browser?

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