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The gentleman who ran our website is no longer with us, so I’m trying to found out how to keep the website going and to be able to take over the running of the website.
Apparently Cloudflare are hosting the site.

Any one out there that speaks English and not Digital?


Cloudflare is likely just a proxy protecting your site (unless your site uses Cloudflare Pages), so you host will be elsewhere.

To start, can you give the domain name?

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Hello SJR,

Thanks for your help.


By “no longer with us”, do you mean deceased? If so, sorry to hear that. If not, there’s not a lot you can do.

The site has been using Cloudflare since at least 2014 and domain registration was also moved to Cloudflare at some point (Cloudflare registrar was launched late 2018 so it was after that).

Email is with Google…

It isn’t using Cloudflare Pages so there is an external host or server holding your content, shown when getting a 404 page. I would guess it’s a server rather than a web host due to the way the site seems to be a hobby Ubuntu/PHP/nginx setup, but that’s a guess. The site has been behind Cloudflare so long there’s no history to show who the host/server may be.

If the Cloudflare account owner is not deceased, but just not available as they have left, moved away or otherwise won’t speak to you, then there’s nothing you can do. The domain and account is theirs.

If the account owner is deceased and you or the family has access to the person’s email, you can try to gain access by going to and selecting “Forgot your email?”. That can then send a recovery email to the address that controls the account. The family would likely have any payment records which may help track down the host/server.

If that doesn’t work, as the domain is within the Cloudflare account, I believe someone may be able to ask Cloudflare to release the domain to them (not sure if the account comes with it, which you need to find where the site is hosted), but as I assume this is a hobby/club site rather than personal or company, establishing who owns it now may be difficult.

If you can confirm any of the above, then people can follow up with further advice.

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