Website outdated, no longer have access

The Website is extremely outdated. I work for the company that hired an external developer to create this website, which has now been forgotten. Is there anyway for me to gain access to the backend of this site, or just redirect it to our current updated site? It is being hosted on the cloudflare server.

Go to and select “Forgot your email” which can send a recovery email to the owner of the account where the domain is active.

If that doesn’t work (maybe it belongs to the developer), then you’ll need to take control of the DNS by changing the nameservers at your registrar to those for a new Cloudflare account or other DNS provider. If you are just going to point at some new hosting for a website, then this shouldn’t be a problem as you don’t seem to need any existing settings from that Cloudflare account. There’s no email configured for the domain…


How do I change the nameservers at my registrar if I can’t access the site to begin with?

I apologize, I have never used Cloudflare, and literally just made this account an hour ago once i learned that this domain is being hosted here.

Your domain registrar is not Cloudlfare, it appears to be these…

(or here.

As shown here…

If you don’t have access to the registrar, then you don’t control the domain and you are very likely out of luck.

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Okay, so could it be possible that this domain was purchased by someone else in that foreign country? And they left all the information up for some reason?