Website outage

I had an error, today it was half an hour when I entered it didn’t work anymore, last night it worked, I changed the nameservers from cloudflare with those from the host and it came back, I put them back on them and it doesn’t work … I hope to find the solution , I can’t really miss this service.

Also, my host provider insists that it’s Cloudflare issue, they checked and all is working good…

where did u have webhost?

no, from, but i think they also bought a reseller pack from I don’t know what’s the problem, for now, I will let the website with the host provider nameservers and try tomorrow again with cloudflare…

hi, again, check it now, for me now it works without any modification, I let the website a time with hosts nameservers, and now I changed nameservers back with cloudflare nameservers and it works great.

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