Website or zone deleted by accident

I received and email saying my zone or website was deleted from my account, We have two account to manage it and its still listed under the other one. How do I add it back to mine? I tried the add site option but the DNS came out all different.



I belive using the regular way of adding a domain/website to your Cloudflare Account.

If the domain is at the other CF account which you can manage too, you could export the DNS records from the other account and import them into your main CF account using the “Advanced” button → Export and therefore the same step just to import them back.

  • in case you already have some, remove them so it’s clean of DNS records before importing …


Nevertheless, later you would need to change the nameservers at your domain name registrar to match the ones from your “new” or “main” CF account to make sure it’s being active on your “main CF account” from now on.

Otherwise, you have a case where you deleted the zone/domain in the CF account where the DNS records were set right, and now end-up having the “wrongly DNS configured” on the “other CF account” from which if you import them to your “main CF account”, you would get you the same result with the wrongly configured DNS records?

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