Website or domain host dns record?

My blog move to host but I don’t no which DNS record insert in cf DNS record ,means website or domain host DNS records ? Nameserver adding problem on cf error code 1004

You would need to update the “A” or “CNAME” records for ‘’ and ‘www’.

Which DNS records I can update in cf ?

Mean to say that domain registerar give me DNS records and website hosting registerar give DNS records
Which one is correct for cf ?

Your website host has the correct ones.

Ns adding problem in cf error code 1004,please check my account

please tell me what i do now ?

You need two more “A” records just like the top ones in your list. One with a Name of “” and one with a name of “www”. Content will be the IP addresses in your picture.

dear master I request to you please check it

leah.ns problem .what I do now

After add all DNS record I am stuck on adding, on cf

Forget about Leah, it will not work there. Those namservers must be set at your registrar. If you did so, follow @sdayman 's instruction and everything should work.

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Every thing is fine but problem on adding
Please help me

What kind of problem?

adding these lines,but cf are not accept ,why ? Error code 1004

Already answered:

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