Website only works on my pc and phone, doesn't work on any other device or pc

This doesn’t make sense to me…

I can get it to load on my PC and my iphone.

My girlfriends laptop it doesn’t work.
My Ipad it doesn’t work.
My spare iphone 13 it doesn’t work.

Also when I put the link in my bio on Instagram it also doesn’t work.

I can’t figure out the solution.

Here’s the screenshots of my DNS settings. I bought the domain today using Cloudflares Registrar.

Can anyone help me?

Looks all good. What error do you see on devices where it isn’t working?

How long ago did you set this up? If it wasn’t too long I’d just wait a bit. For me, the redirect is working as it should, and I can’t see any problems.

I set this up 4 hours ago, bought the domain today.

Does it work on your phone?