Website offline - DNS issue


My website uses Cloudflare nameservers and it’s been offline for 2 days now. I’ve contacted my Hosting company A2 hosting (a Cloudflare partner) and they tell me that I need to contact Cloudflare to see if there is an issue with the nameservers or if they took my website offline due to potential hacking. They ran a leaf dns report on the DNS for my website and it suggests a conflict between parent nameservers ( & )and local namerservers ( &

Can someone help me with this issue?

Many thanks in advance

The right name servers for your domain are coby and lara. You need to correct this at your registrar, which should fix your issue.

Okay thanks for confirming the name servers. I was told the other ones when I set it up a few months back so I’ll change them with my registrar to coby & lara.

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