Website offline and no domain access

Hello. I’m part of a non profit group and we paid a web designer to do our page. He did everything, but never gave us access to the domain. I know nothing about websites and now our is offline and we need it back on as fast as possible. I’m already working with the domain company to regain access to the domain. But I need to figure out a way of getting the website live again!!! Can someone please help me? I need to know who is hosting the website so I can contact them!! Thank you (rockats.**org)

It is unlikely anyone here can help you unless you have access to the Cloudflare account that manages your domain.

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Do you have access to the registrar?

If you do, you can add your site into your Cloudflare account and change the name servers to gain access to the DNS, which can help in bringing the site back to live (but you will need to know where your site is hosted at).

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