Website Offline after DNS chages - The Page Isn’t Redirecting Properly

Hi everyone,
I’ve changed yesterday the DNS to Cloudflare ones.

Now the domain is active on cloudflare and on DNS checker the propagation seems went fine, since there is no X on A and AAAA check.
But the website is still down with " The Page Isn’t Redirecting Properly" error…

Did I miss something? or set something wrong?
Thanks for your help.

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Welcome to the Cloudflare Community. :logodrop:

Please pause Cloudflare and confirm that your site is working correctly with SSL. Next, ensure that you are using Full (Strict) SSL mode in Cloudflare. You may then wish to review the following Community Tutorial.

Thanks for quick reply.
I’ve solved by applying the Full (Strict) SSL mode in Cloudflare, it was set Flexible, but after the change now the website is back online.
Thanks for the support!

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