Website offline 72 hours due to connectivity

My website went offline randomly 3 days ago. 522 error. Cnames point to Cloudflare. Cannot file a technical support request because Cloudflare can’t find my domain. We are in the midst of a huge marketing campaign & I have dropped off the internet. My IT guy didn’t set this site up & he can’t figure it out. HELP Please!!!

Can you start by sharing the domain in question.

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What does can't find mean?

I checked your account and see the zone (domain/site). I also went to that site and did not get a 522.

You are bypassing :grey: cloudflare on the DNS CNAME record. Is that intentional?


The wordpress site we are looking for is animalangelaid(dot)org
Cloudflare only shows joinpawtectors(dot)org (this isn’t even a live site!)- I honestly don’t even know what Cloudflare is. Someone else set this up.

My animalangelaid(Dot)org (it’s my animal rescue site) has always been hosted by siteground (dot) com and my site was working fine last week. There have been no changes to it for weeks.
It went totally offline 3-4 days ago with the error 522.

I can’t access my wp-admin backend - it tells me animalangelaid(dot)org is not a valid domain.

The domain cnames were set to these 2 when I checked this afternoon. Are these normal Cloudflare pointers. I’ve never seen anything with people’s names in them. And I have NO IDEA who changed them
from siteground.


My site is 100% inaccessible & none of my adoption applications can be accessed and my donations page is offline too.

What does all this mean?
Can you please help.

This domain is using Siteground NS not Cloudflare

$ dig NS	86400	IN	NS	86400	IN	NS

And the site loads fine for me

This domain also uses Siteground NS

$ dig NS	86400	IN	NS	86400	IN	NS

And it loads with an under construction page

This also loads fine

I just switched back to siteground tonight.

Can you tell me what those Cloudflare cnames are? Are they your actual cname pointers you give to people.


I still cannot access my site at all.

It says the domain name is not valid. I’m not sure how you are seeing it.

These are Cloudflare nameservers. To use them you change the nameservers from
# and

at your domain registrar and configure all DNS records (e.g. A, CNAME, MX, etc) in Cloudflare. This assumes you have a need/desire to use the services offered by Cloudflare.

Have you tried different browsers, different devices and different networks? Potentially it is an issue with the device/network you typically use and not a wider issue.

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I’m looking into that. Thank you.
I appreciate your help. It happened so suddenly and is a mystery “why”.