Website not wprking

Hi My website is down and giving this error. The host is saying to disable Cloudflare how do i disable Cloudflare or change settings for working website.

You can either pause Cloudflare in the control panel or simply change the DNS records from :orange: to :grey:

But I somehow doubt this will fix the issue. The problem seems to be your server is not reachable and disabling Cloudflare wont fix that.

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ok i am checking with my host. Thank You

Hi Sandro. I just deactivated Cloudflare and the site is working. The host is having no issue. Host is saying you need to check settings with Cloudflare

What does your SSL mode say under Crypto?

I was just attempting to load your site through Cloudflare and it seemed to work. If you havent made any changes to your configuration my closest guess would be your host fixed the issue on his side.


SSl says full

That should be okay, even though “Full strict” would be even better.

Can you enable Cloudflare again and check if you still experience the issue?

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I activated Cloudflare again. Its working now. the issue is that my site goes down every second day for few hours. Now i dont know where is the problem. Next time when it will go down i will again check by deactivating Cloudflare.

So you havent made any changes? In that case I’d say it is most likely there is an issue with your host. You could verify that by adding an entry to your hosts file and bypassing Cloudflare the next time when the error occurs. If it still does not load it is an issue with your host.

Thank you Sandro i will do that. But if it loads like it happened just now. Lets see. hope things will work smoothly for all of us.

Hi Team, My website is down again. My host is asking following

“please ask Cloudflare support to provide hosting requirements for their service correct work? Because if your site works well when Cloudflare deactivated, then we can assume some of our hosting options could be incompatible with current Cloudflare version.”

Can you help me with hosting requirements ?

Thank You

Your domain points to Cloudflare but the host records are not proxied so everything straight hits your server. Your site is down because your server does not respond to requests. Thats something you need to clarify with your host though, unless the IP address you specified in Cloudflare does not match your actual IP address. Is it a *.*.*.12 one?

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