Website not working :(

Cloudflare (email) says domain status ACTIVE But my squarespace website is now not working. I must’ve done something wrong with Nameservers? I just switched the ‘default squarespace nameservers’ to those that cloudflare provides.

Hi @sansan, nameservers look good. You don’t have a DNS record pointing to the IP address of your origin server. This #tutorials will help, An A, AAAA or CNAME record was not found.


I read over it 17 times and everyDNS record I try to point to my IP tells me there’s already a CNAME record for that IP… I’m at a loss

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Hi @sansan,

I get a 1016 error on the site.

and I’m trying top correct that adding an ‘A’ record to ‘’ and with my IP I found through the lookup and then I get an 1004 Error on Clouflare. Yikes!

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I think this is the issues now: DNS changes have not yet propagated or the site owner’s DNS A records point to Cloudflare IP addresses.

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