Website not working when accessed from CA (521 error)


Hey there Cloudflare community!

My website,, is throwing a 521 error when accessed from CA. The site is available from other places worldwide, all caches have been flushed and cleared. The 24x7 availability tools show the same result. Not really sure what’s happening, CF status claims everything is ok…?


You mean California, not Canada, right?

On it works fine everywhere.

Can you rule out an issue with the site where you checked it?


It could be an ISP issue where they’re blocking Cloudflare’s IP address(es).

I can confirm it works through Vancouver and Montreal.

What does the 521 error screen look like? Is it a Cloudflare error screen? If it’s a Cloudflare screen, post the Ray ID.


Assuming it shows a Cloudflare 521 it shouldnt be an ISP issue.

The OP referred to CA, US as far as I understand and not CA.

@sdayman, you can open it without issue I presume, right?


Site’s up, dude. :surfing_man:


Now we just need to find the car. :smile:


Hey everyone, thanks for the quick responses, just wanted to update what happened:

fail2ban was not properly configured and it banned CF IP range in California (not Canada :P). Once CF IP range was whitelisted, the issue was resolved.

So for anyone who’s experiencing the same issue, change your fail2ban whitelist to include CF IP range.


This makes me think the server is not yet configured to Restore Visitor IP addresses:


It’s not!


It is now :slight_smile:

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