Website not working post CloudFlare configuration

Hello, I have registered on Cloudflare, the main purpose is to have HTTPS. But it is showing the error as " This site can’t provide a secure connection" when running with .

Please suggest, how to correct the same.

You need to install SSL on your server. If your host doesn’t have one, Cloudflare can provide an SSL certificate you can add to your server:

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Thanks for the response. But as per the FREE plan, it is mentioned that we can convert HTTP to HTTPS from Cloudflare using shared certificate. I don’t own a company or a business. I have a personal very simple website

Please suggest a way.

Hi @shailechn,

If you don’t want to install an SSL certificate on your server, you should set the SSL mode to ‘off’ in Cloudflare and your site will work with HTTP.

If you do want your site secure with HTTPS, you will need a certificate on the server. You can get a free origin certificate from Cloudflare as @sdayman suggested. Without a certificate on the server, your site will be insecure. Hopefully your host will allow you to easily install a cert and you could probably contact them if you need assistance.

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Thanks for the update. My domain and hosting server is NET4India and NameServer is pointed to Cloudflare.
Please suggest, how to get certificate from Cloudflare, I will separately ask NET4India to install certificate.

Please follow the origin cert link that @sdayman posted.


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