Website Not Working, Please Help

Hey Good Day,

Hope you are fine and good. I just visited my website and it show me a page.
Website Link: (Please see attachment)

My website is not working, I checked everything thing on my side such as my website in cPanel all files and everything is there, I do checked Cloudflare everything seems fine but My Website is not working. Please update. Thanks

Hey Good Day,

It’s not a wordpress website as it’s a HTML website. It was working fine and we were all set. I just had this problem since today. I did everything on my end but still not able to load my website. Same page same error.

I juts had a detailed called with GoDaddy support and they said everything is fine on their end. They suggested to get in touch with CloudFlare regarding this issue.

The did run a test to check everything at their end. Please Help. Thanks

Rather not :slight_smile:

Pause Cloudflare and you’ll see the site is not working at all.

  1. There is no valid SSL certificate.
  2. Even on that invalid certificate your site does not show the actual content.

Both things need to be addressed by your host.

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How can I validate the SSL and I just turned of the (Your SSL/TLS encryption mode is Off (not secure)

And now my website shows a different error. Too many redirects, please see attachment.

Should I switch back to godaddy name servers to see my website running or not?

I can see on my cPanel
It says. "Primary Domain (No Valid Certificate) "

I again had a detailed conversation with a Godaddy guy and they said they run couple of test and everything is perfectly fine on their end.

They told me that there is some problem with Cloudflare CDN. This is why my certificate is not valid.

I am also facing problem in sending emails to Gmail accounts only. But I am receiving email from gmail and other email accounts associated with domain.

Please Help. Thanks


It’s in the Overview tab of the Cloudflare dashboard. Lower right corner.

Just paused the CloudFlare and now I can see the same screen but it’s after passing the security check for unsafe website.

I do have a call with godaddy and they were suggesting me to use godaddy nameservers because right now they can’t help me with this issue as they don’t have full access.

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Just turned back my nameservers back to godaddy and now my website is working fine without ssl.

Except for the big ol’ warning in the address bar:

Since it’s working in GoDaddy, it’s possible the IP address changed. Just make sure your DNS records here match the IP addresses and other records at GoDaddy.

Since you’re using cPanel, you should be able to install a Cloudflare Origin CA certificate:

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