Website not working - offline

My website is not working currently,

It shows this error message, checked with my hosting provider, they ask to check with cloudflare.

That is not from Cloudflare. That is an information screen returned by the hosting provider.

Yes, but they say the problem is from nameservers provider.

Have you changed DNS configuration recently?

nop, I didnt change anything

If you haven’t changed anything and all records remain as they were, there is no reason anything should have broken.

Per error page

It is possible you have reached this page because:

  1. The IP address has changed.
  2. There has been a server misconfiguration.
  3. The site may have moved to a different server.

I would check with the hosting provider if the server IP address is still the same.

The hosting provider checked, everything was ok on their end, IP no change, server no change

Then I am at a loss to explain why it doesn’t work. If you’ve check all the details in Cloudflare are correct and the hosting provider says everything is correct, then it should work. Why, when everything is correct, it doesn’t work I cannot say. I can only suggest that something is not correct.

That’s nice of them to say, but I would really make sure of this myself.

Is the IP address you see in your cPanel the same that you see in your Cloudflare Dashboard?
Do you see your domain in cPanel?