Website not working for all

I’m having a problem with one of my domains. Some are able to visit the site without issue (like myself) and others are getting messages like “suspicious site blocked” or “couldn’t establish a secure connection”
Yet, I can’t figure out why they see getting the message. I can’t find the website on any blocked or flagged lists and cloudflare says everything is fine but, it clearly isn’t? Any ideas?
Website is www.businesschaplains_net

Did any of the complaining users give any useful data for troubleshooting this?

  1. What device?

  2. What browser?

  3. Stuff like what ISP/network they are on?

  4. Screenshot(s) of the error code(s) and/or error message(s) they see?

Sometimes certificates for websites are expiring, and needs to be replaced.

The exact same happens with the intermediate certificates from the Certificate Authorities (CA’s), as well as the root certificates that your browser and/or operating system is (or was previously) trusting.

If the users having the problems are sitting with very old systems, chances could be that because they are not receiving updates any longer, and therefore they are not receiving updates to the certificate trust stores either, and as such their system/browser simply does not trust the certificate chain that has issued the certificate for your website.

In order to get to any full conclusion without just guessing, more information about the actual error code(s) and/or error message(s) would be required.

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Thank you for your response! Unfortunately, I did not get much from either and since I cannot duplicate, it’s difficult to troubleshoot.
The first-the owner of the website- lives in Atlanta, is older, and is tech challenged. He said the following, “We are using Crome and or doesn’t work tablet, phone or computer on this end.”
However, he provided the following screenshot

The second person, my mother, shared a screenshot indicating that spectrum blocked the site. Specifically, “ Suspicious Site Blocked
This site was blocked because it may contain unsafe content that can harm your device.”
That said, I can’t find any record that that is the case.

Also the system wouldn’t let me paste two screenshots in one message so here’s the second one

For reference, we are in Texas and my mother is in Washington state.

Fyi I was able to get more information from them.
There are at least 9 people who are getting an error when going to the site. 8 in Georgia state and 1 in Washington state.
Here’s the screenshot recently sent.