Website Not Working- DNS error? was working correctly yesterday, but today is just showing “Index Of/” plus hidden files and not serving the files in the folder.

There is an index.html file plus all the content that does not appear to be getting opened, it is correctly named.

What else could it be?
DNS? How do I check?
Strange that it was fine yesterday?

That is not Cloudflare related but a question for your host or whomever manages your site. There simply is no content uploaded.

No, as above content is loaded alright. There’s plenty of content including index.html file

Does your server IP address end in 234?

yes it does

Straight off of your server. You need to contact your host.

Why is the IP visible should be Cloudflare protected? And whats the problem?

Again, you need to contact your host about this. There is no data on your server.

As I mentioned above (twice) there is actually content in the folder including index.html.

Then please explain why your server does not return it?

This is what I am asking the community. I do not know!

The community cant know that and the community here is for Cloudflare related issues. This issue is not Cloudflare related. As I mentioned three times already you will need to contact your host.

Although the community does not have my specifics, some of the community is experienced and may have good advice based on sound knowledge having seen it before, which is why I asked about DNS. Im not convinced it isnt Cloudflare yet.

DNS is not involved nor is Cloudflare.

As the screenshot shows that comes straight from your server. I am not sure what else can be said about that. That screenshot makes it pretty obvious it is not Cloudflare related.

:wave: @mark

That is indicative of an issue on the origin server. @sandro’s troubleshooting screenshot went direct to origin, bypassing Cloudflare completely and got the same result (thus ruling out Cloudflare as a cause). It is likely something incorrectly configured on the webserver. If you didn’t make any changes then your hosting provider did and would be the one to undo/fix them.


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