Website not working at all

My site isnt working at all following a virus hack. It all seems ok now on Cloudflare, tracert, and I can login to the server wHM and Cpanel. There does not appear to have been any unauthorised access to either WHM or Cpanel.
Users seem to be able to get to the server, However nothing is resolving and there’s no errors in the error log
For awhile there appeared to be errors with the .htaccess file in the server log, however no errors are now being reported

Any suggestions on what to check are welcome

What is the domain?

It resolves and loads for me.

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Im unable to load it at all and sometimes it says 403 error (Forbidden)

Could cloudflare or ISPS be blocking the site in some areas?

That’s not Cloudflare denying access. Otherwise you’d see a Cloudflare error page. That’s just something local to you that’s not letting you make the connection.

Others are reporting that now there’s an extra Cloudflare “browser” check going on that never happened before, before being taken to the site…

Since when did cloudflare get involved in browser checks? It looks pretty suspicious that although some others can access the site, I cannot and neither can others on my network.

Could cloudflare advised other ISP’s that this site is/was malicious and its therefore being blocked by local ISP’s?

If there are browser checks, then you should see those listed in the Firewall Event log, and why they were triggered.

Im seeing Action Taken = Challenges and JS Challenges from countries Ive set to challenge. Im not seeing other messages from countries that are permitted such as my own and the US where people have received the message.

What Message would identify Browser Checks?

You had under attack mode enabled for a day, when that is on, visitors see the interstitial page you described.

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OK so they arent listed in the Firewall Event Log though as suggested…

Note I and others did not receive the “Challenge” that was supposed to happen to all when in the Under Attack mode.

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