Website not working after transfer to cloudflare

hi i need help after i transfer my domain to Cloudflare its not working. i added the dns record from my server but still its not working my other domains after i transfer was working without problem but this didn’t not sure what is the problem ?

There’s a DNS issue, but you seem to have a configuration issue on your server I am afraid.

I would suggest to pause Cloudflare - Pause Cloudflare · Cloudflare Fundamentals docs - talk to your host to fix the SSL configuration and enable Cloudflare again only once the site loads fine on HTTPS.

You seem to have paused Cloudflare. As you can notice at, your server is not configured properly and does not load on HTTPS.

Talk to your host now to get that working and once your site loads on HTTPS, it should also work on Cloudflare.

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