Website not working after renewing hosting with Go Daddy

Hi all, I renewed my hosting with Godaddy in Decmeber. My website then wouldn’t load up. Godaddy said my name servers were with Cloudflare so they couldn’t resolve the issue. I then changed my nameservers back to Godaddy and found out my SSL certificate was expired. I’m not technical. I use Sharkgate for security and had to sign up to Cloudflare through them.

So I now have a website on Godaddy with name servers there, however, I need my nameservers back on Cloudflare for the extra security through Sharkgate/Cloudflare. How can I do this please? I can’t seem to find a contact number and the articles are confusing me.

Have you got a new valid certificate? That should be the first step to confirm the origin server is working correctly first.

You would then change the nameservers set in your Godaddy account back to whatever Sharkgate asked you to set them to.

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Thank you SJR for your assistance. Really helpful explaining it in simple terms.

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