Website not working after changing the name servers

Hi, previously, I cannot continue my domain ownership verification both in gsuite and o365 as they cannot verify the text records that I have created. As instructed, I’ve changed the name servers to the new value.

name server 1: ----->
name server 2: —>

With this changes I was able to pass the domain ownership verification. Unfortunately, I am now unable to reach my site on the web.

Since I am running a site, I must go thru a certain registrar wherein information for our site will be changed. And in there there is some information on the IP Addresses for the name servers. Is that the culprit? Do i have to change those IP Addresses for those name servers?? Thanks for the help

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If you’ve changed name servers, and your registrar wants IP addresses that go with your name servers, then you’ll have to change those also.

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