Website not working after changing NS

Hi, I followed the instructions and changed my NS records to reflect the cloud flare NS. After a few hours I got a message in my panel saying your site is not protected . However when I try and browse to my site I get the following message
Any advise would be helpful.
Also I just wanted to say under DNS I had a www and domain A record to the ip hosting my site.

Error 1000

Ray ID: 62536a8f8f0e9c57 • 2021-02-21 21:03:49 UTC

DNS points to prohibited IP

Kindly, see here for more information:

The only records in my DNS setting in cloud flare are 2x A records that point to my hosting company and some mx records that point to the place where my email is hosted. There are no other ip addresses in the DNS settings.

The IP addresses of whatever host you are visiting that created that error is likely incorrect. Verify the address with your hosting provider.

The a record on cloudflare is the same ip that was on my reg company pointing to my hosting company. There is no other dns there. But when cloudflare initially set this up for me they had pointed my A records into one of their ip addresses. But I corrected that. No idea why they did that

Is this the extent of the support of cloud flare. If it does not work just dont bother using their service. Is there no one that can actually look at my account and tell me whats wrong?

Just changed the NS records to cloud flare again and today I am getting this error

This page isn’t working at the moment redirected you too many times.

The web page works fine if I dont go through cloud flare.

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