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I need help with my website. My Domain is from Crazydomains and they said that the hosting was from Cloudflare. Though, I don’t have an account with Cloudflare.

I need to add a DMARC record so I created an account and connected my site to my new CF account.

Initially this is what WHOIS result is:

but when I connected my site to the new CF account - it provided a new NS record which I changed on crazydomains. They said that my site will be down for 2-4 hrs during propagation but it has more than 12 hrs now.

Now my site is not working

Error 1000

Ray ID: 856bc9528bb3078f • 2024-02-17 05:56:18 UTC

DNS points to prohibited IP

I want to make sure that all my contents are still accessible as I’m not also able to access my WP account.

Cloudflare doesn’t host websites in the normal sense (unless using Pages, which I think it is likely you don’t) and would be sitting in front of your hosting to protect and cache it.

Someone will have this up for you, seemingly from the time the domain was registered. Normally I’d suggest finding out who, but as you’ve now created another account, added your site to it and changed the nameservers, that’s moot as you are now in control of the settings.

Error 1000 means your DNS records are set on Cloudflare but point at Cloudflare IP addresses, this is probably because when adding your domain to the new account you have imported proxied records instead of your actual host records.

You will need to find out who your web/email host is (perhaps from whoever built your website) and edit the DNS records here…
…to set the A/AAAA or CNAME values needed to point your domain at your hosting.

DNS history indicates your email is (or at least was in November 2023) with Zoho and your web hosting could be with Google. Hostgator or Brevo ( also have records indicating they can send email for your domain too.
DNS History - DNS Records -


What do I need from the web host?

Can the changes be reverted? For example - I pause the cloudflare - would it bring back the old settings?

Can you show a screenshot of this page…

Let’s see what you’ve got now. Then we can try to see if the hosting is at Google, and if not try something else.

Your old records are in another account. Unless you can log in to that account, you can’t revert to the settings in there.

Your old records are in another account. Unless you can log in to that account, you can’t revert to the settings in there.

You mean another account on Cloudflare?

This is what it was before - The NS record is different from what I have now.

Also, when I signed up with cloudflare and connected it, it says:
Screenshot 2024-02-16 184753 that’s why I changed the NS records

Btw, thank you for helping me :slight_smile:

Remove all the A and AAAA records for www (press “edit” then delete for each).

Then add a CNAME record for www set to set to “DNS only” (not “proxied”). This will see if your domain is hosted with Google (as there is a verification code for Google in your DNS).

Would it be this one? “v=spf1,, ~all”

Also, if I edit / delete the A record - would my WP data will still stay the same? Currently, I can’t login to it - so I want to make sure that all my contents are still there

No. The ones where you see A www or AAAA www in your screenshot.

Your A/AAAA records do not point at your hosting right now, they point at Cloudflare (hence the error 1000). I am trying to help you find your hosting. From records, it may be at Google, or maybe not. We are just trying to see if it is.

Hi there, I just remembered. I am using hostgator for the hosting

OK, find out from them what records you need to add to the DNS for your hosting and then you should be ok.

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