My website has not been accessible for days. I think it’s because CLOUDFLARE has not verified the DNSSEC information.

Is there a way to have CLOUDFLARE verify the DNSSEC configuration?

It’s urgent, my website is not accessible. Thank you very much!

What is the domain name?

If the domain is not registered with Cloudflare you will have to copy the DS record given by Cloudflare to your registrar.

(You can find the DS record here…

The domain is

I have the domains registered with IONOS. I have already done this step in the same way for other domains, and I have not had any problems. I only have problems with this domain.

Double check the DS records you have set at the registrar matches exactly those that Cloudflare is asking you to set. If they were changed recently, it may take a little while to propagate.

Since today, having the same issue with a “Pending Name Server Update” and no way to manually fix it. As it turns out, CF out of the blue decided to update my NS and asking to update on registrar, but CF is my registrar (transferred over from GoDaddy a couple of years ago). Have no idea how or why this happened and how long this pending status will last. As of now, the website is unreachable with the DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN error

  • Ticket ID: 3051504

In my case, I am also waiting for CLOUDFLARE to update the DNSSEC data… I still cannot see my website.

Please, is urgent…

Assuming your ticket was raised as a registrar one, Cloudflare should update the nameserver records for you.

Is Cloudflare your registrar? If not, Cloudflare will have the DS records here and you need to enter them at your registrar.

If Cloudflare is your registrar, the process should be automatic.

[edit] Didn’t realise this was the OP, advice is the same!

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Domain name
Registrar	1&1 IONOS

The DNSSEC entries need to be updated at your registrar with the ones provided by Cloudflare. Updating the DNSSEC at 1&1 IONOS is something you the registrant will need to do.

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