Website not showing properly

I installed cloud flare on my website recently and now it has an issue with consistently showing properly. My hosting provider bypassed cloud flare and it worked fine every time. I am thinking it is a caching issue. Can anyone help me with this issue?

What’s the domain?
it might work when you first reach it but after refreshing it, the content will go away

I see a lot of javascript, and that you’re using Rocket Loader. Sometimes Rocket Loader trips up on javascript. Try disabling RL in the Speed section of the Cloudflare Dashboard.

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It seems to load fine in Edge InPrivate and Chrome Incognito and Firefox private window only if ad-blockers are turned off. Once I turn them all back on, the squares appear then goes blank.

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@sdayman unfortunately that didnt work
@Withheld you’re correct. any reasoning behind that and why it wouldn’t on normal chrome window?


Still showing that Rocket Loader is loading. If you’ve disabled it, you may need to purge caches and/or check page rules. As for not loading with my ad-blockers well, they blocks pretty much everything that isn’t a plain text file.

is it still showing?

so strange… i turned it off 30 minutes ago

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<-- brain fart at my end not yours. Rocket loader is off now…

ok it doesnt seem to be happening anymore


Still seeing a few issues in the console but not affecting any of my browsers.

oh ok what issues

Console in a web browser’s Dev Tools is really good for debugging.

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absolutely the best place to start. and disable caching! Don’t know why it’s not disabled by default.

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thanks guys you have been very helpful


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