Website Not Showing On WhatsApp (Code 206)

Dear All

When I share my website to another social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc) there’s no problem. But when I share my website to WhatsApp, the image and opengraph isn’t showing.

I’ve tried Facebook debugger and got 206 code. I use htacess with gzip, deflate, and LiteSpeed cache code attached. Also I use rocket loader and cache everything on page rules. But I can’t sure if that’s the cause or not. Any idea how to fix it?


It’s difficult to tell what’s blocking it. Have you checked your server logs? How about the Firewall Events Log in the Cloudflare Dashboard?

I dont use any firewall rules. Security setting low. And this is my setting on firewall.

On htaccess, I attach protect code for wp-includes, wp-config, xmlrpc. Also I use Gzip, Deflate, and LiteSpeed cache code attached on htaccess.

Also I don’t use any firewall plugin such Wordfence.


On my cellphone, I can see you logo loading as thumbnail when I place your URL on Safari and try to share it. Is this what you mean?

You should not worry about the 206 code, which means “partial content”. Facebook sharing debugger will only scrape the first so many Kb of a page, and unless your page is very small you’ll see this code. Try fetching and you’ll also see a 206.

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Thanks for response. I think the problem is from my apps or my phone. I tried it from my friend’s phone and it works. Thanks.

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