Website not show homegage after point nameservers to Cloudflare



I get Cloudflare Pro plan to my website last week, and working find. 3days ago, I change the the Nameservers back to hosting company for server IP issue, VPS with dedicate IP. Then I point the nameservers to Cloudflare again. The website have problem to show homepage, just show “index of…/”.

Is it problem because the website change IP address? How to fix it?

Than you.



My guess would be some misconfigured SSL setup or missing certificate.

Domain for starters?


Thank you for reply.

How can fix this?

I’m not IT pro, just a small business owner working on my own website.


Thats not an issue as long as you are willing to become an IT pro - more or less :slight_smile:

But again, whats the domain?



Yes, Im willing to learn more for my business.

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Assuming your server’s IP address is x.x.x.112, that index page you were referring to comes straight from your server. You need to publish your site at your host.

On that topic, it would also appear you do not have a proper SSL certificate installed at your host. You should contact them about that and clarify that. You will need a certificate on your server if you want to use HTTPS.


My website IP from x.x.x.112 change to x.x.x.108 now, 2 days ago, old address is x.x.x.112, is it couse problem?


For home page and SSL, Im sure both working fine before point Nameservesr to Cloudflare. So I don’t think that cause problem…

My website IP from x.x.x.112 change to x.x.x.108 now, 2 days ago, old address is x.x.x.112, is it couse problem in Cloudflare?


Have you updated that IP in your Cloudflare DNS control panel?


how to do that?


In your control panel on Cloudflare in the DNS section. And that is where you need to point the applicable records to the new IP address.

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Ok, I find it. I don’t know I can change IP there.

Thank you very much!


You click into the field of the existing record and edit it.


Problem fixed, Thank you again!

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