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I’m currently on the free plan, wordpress website:

I turned on the settings under SSL/TLS but I noticed when I visit the website sometimes it says it is secure and now it just says not secure again (it goes on/off). No security certificates have been added.

Please help

Was it secure before you added it to Cloudflare?

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Nop, it was never secured. How can I make it secure 100%?

Thank you

Thanks for asking. 100% security starts at your host. They should add an SSL/TLS certificate to the their server for your website.

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Thanks for the reply, name servers are on cloudflare and registry is namesilo but they said everything is on cloudflare.

Here are the DNS records

Are you sure you have Full (Strict) set in the SSL/TLS overview page?

If not, you should change it, and here’s why!

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Those DNS records point to A Small Orange hosting. That’s the place that needs to configure SSL for your site.

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Hey everyone, all the setup was done by an external marketing company a few years ago and now we finally discovered the hosting is done under Nine Host using their own account.

Unfortunately we are not able to access their Nine Host account. But we do have Cpanel access where we checked the status of the SSL/TLS and all the certificates have expired.

We contacted the marketing company and they told us SSL is sent up from cloudflare, there are apps we need to download to reset this up again. SSL certification are found in the CPannel to update.

Please we need help on how to set up the security again with the certificates either through Cloudflare or Cpanel.

Attached are the images of the SSL status on Cpanel and Cloudflare SSL settings.

Cloudflare will only provide an Origin certificate for your :orange: hostnames, which are and The ‘www’ one is typically covered by a wildcard *

For those two hostnames, you can generate an Origin CA Certificate if cPanel will let you upload them to your server.

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