Website not secure, doesnt load the SSL

I recently moved to another hosting provider and changed the DNS records, both are orange…I installed the SSL on the hosting (set to FULL), however when someone is trying to visit the website it still get website not secure.


You sure about that? If they are :orange:, then you quite likely have Cloudflare “Paused” on your site, which would show up on your Overview page.

yes, I’m sure.both are orange and the website is running.
When trying to access the website, I get

" Your connection is not private

Attackers might be trying to steal your information from (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards). Learn more


That’s not what I said. There’s a “Pause Cloudflare” option on the overview page of the Cloudflare dashboard. If you’ve paused Cloudflare, your hostnames are no longer proxied.

Right now, a lookup on that hostname returns what looks to be Namecheap hosting.

Can you also check the bottom of your DNS page here to make sure the assigned name servers are Brit and Rocky?

Yes is namecheap and the dns page still remains with

It looks like DNS is now resolving to the proxied address.

If I set to pause the Cloudflare, (even if proxy are off) I get the “Your connection is not private”

Whatever you changed, please change it back. The www and DNS records should be :orange: and you should not Pause Cloudflare.

If I resume to Cloudflare, isnt working to listen any mp3 that I have on the website.

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