Website not resolving using cloudflare DNS

For some reason this website does not resolve with Cloudflare dns

It works with google dns, opendns etc


Thank you for asking.

Can confirm while testing with online tool + while using on my device:

But, I think this is related to the wrongly NS hostname being used for that “deep sub-domain”, an NS record points to an incorrect host. Therefore, which might not be authoritive for it and does not resolve properly. Which might cause DNS resolvers (only the Cloudflare?) to direct queries to servers that will not respond authoritatively. Or because it has got only one NS DNS server.

DNS Lame Delegation error
If a query is answered in a way that indicates that the responder is not authoritative for the expected zone, the result is called lame. Since the response is almost always in the form of a referral (a delegation response) for either some zone higher up on the tree or for the expected zone itself, the response can be called a lame delegation or lame referral.

May I ask if this is your website or? :thinking:

Thanks. It’s not my website, only trying to access it

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