Website not redirecting to www.[name] and new server

I’m a low tech person wearing multiple hats for a small nonprofit so excuse my lack of knowledge on this. Our volunteer web person says that our web address without “www” in front of it is directing to the old server, and doesn’t redirect to the www.[name].org that is hosted on the new server. He says I have to sort this out with Cloudflare, which doesn’t seem to have a phone support so I am hoping for help here. Looking at our DNS page on Cloudflare nothing is popping out to me as wrong. Any help, advice on how to make [name].org redirect to www.[name].org would be VERY much appreciated for this novice. Thank you.

What you need is simply done with your “A” records.

  1. Your domain name A record is and is pointed to
  2. Your “www” domain name A record is and is pointed to (If you don’t have this record, make a new one at the top of your “DNS” console. Do NOT have a CNAME called WWW - remove it if you do.
  3. Cloudflare will take just www in the A record slot and strip your domain name.

Page rules are a different topic and should be covered. If your domain resolves with AND without WWW then Google actually see’s that as 2 separate domains (i.e. it’s a penalty). You should use a page rule (or redirect on your server) to make it one or the other depending on your companies preference.

Hope that clarifies this.

Thanks so much – I’ll share with my web person and we can hopefully take it from there!

It’s my pleasure to help. You’re welcome