Website not redirecting properly. C-Name issue

My website hasn’t been redirecting properly for 8 days now. From my understanding, this has to do with CNAME? It’s also been receiving an oddly large amount of traffic compared to normal (avg 30 visitors a day to est. 850, large volume of actions despite website non-accessible). 10 years of building and optimizing sites and never had this occur. Please help.

What is the website and the CNAME?


Your site is giving a 1014 error as is on Cloudflare and you can’t normally CNAME to another Cloudflare account.

However, this hostname seems to be related to Go High Level so this CNAME should be ok as they will be using Cloudflare for SaaS…

You should probably contact Go High Level to ask what the problem is.

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It’s been live on GHL for weeks without any issues until now. What seemed like a nice suite of tools has been more and more disappointing by the week. Hopefully they’ll help. Thank you!

Just double check that, as in the Go High Level link I posted, that the DNS records in your Cloudflare DNS for them are set to “DNS only” and not “Proxied”. As you said it was working, I guess they are, but just to be sure. Other than that, you’ll need to contact GHL.

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