Website not reachable since a few days


Our website can’t be reached since 3 days or so. I cannot remember changing anything and my hostingprovider redirects me to you to solve the problem.
I already set my site to ‘paused’ and in developer modus, but nothing helps.
Can you give me a suggestion what to do next? I am out of ideas… :confused:

logger says: down sinds: 2018-10-26 00:02:17

If it doesn’t work while paused, it’s a hosting provider issue.

For now, I have put the original nameservers of my hostingprovider back instead of the Cloudflare ones.
That works for now. But I have get in contact again with my hostingprovider how to enable Cloudflare again without getting those errors again.

I feel stupid now.
Stumbled upon an email from my provider that the ip address changed of my site.
I had to change that manuallty in Cloudflare, which I did not do :scream::flushed::flushed:


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