Website not reachable from my own computer

Hi everyone,

My website,, is not reachable from my own computer nor my phone. I feel it has something to do with cache. On my phone when using cellular network I can reach my website. I am using a Wordpress website with WP Fastest cache plugin combined with Cloudflare.

So, the website is not down, because other people can reach it, but I myself just can’t reach it from my computer nor my Iphone (bot on same WiFi). I am using Safari. Google Chrome doesn’t work either. When I change my WiFi to another network on the same router, my site is reachable again.

That’s usually a local DNS issue. You mention two devices, and they’re probably on the same WiFi, but cellular works. So it’s your ISP or a local DNS cache possibly on your router.

It’s generally good practice to change your router’s DNS settings to use better servers, like or

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