Website not reachable after removing it from Cloudflare account

After removing the website from the Cloudflare account, the website is no longer reachable. I removed it by first “Pause Cloudflare on Site” and than “Remove Site from Cloudflare”.

After contacting the content provider they said that the DNS-Records for the site are still at Cloudflare and they cannot help. The Cloudflare “service” has not reacted to my request for days. Since the site is removed from the account, I cannot edit or try to fix it myself. When I try to add it again, the site cannot be found.

I just don’t know what to do. I recently put so much work in the site and seeing that neither Cloudflare nor my Host Provider can or want to help me is quite frustrating. Not having the needed technical understanding as well.

Any hint or suggestion, how I can reach the website again will be highly appreciated.

You’ve effectively sunk one ship without having the other one ready.

Your domain registrar still has Cloudflare’s Name Servers set as the ones for your domain. You need to go to your domain registrar and set the name servers to the ones your host tells you to use.


Thanks for your immediate reply.

I thought so to but the content host is the domain registrar at the same time. (Host Europe) That’s why I was surprised when their customer service said that they can’t help.

I just went to the Cloudflare Diagnostic Center and typed in the The first point there " Check nameservers - Are the Cloudflare nameservers configured correctly in the site?" is the only one that is green saying “Looking Good!” All the other ones are red sayint “Error Found!”. Most of these I have not even a clou what they mean. When I try to “Resolve the Issue” it sends me to my Cloudflare Account but to my other website, that is still set up there. Since this site runs fine I don’t want to mess with the settings there.

I don’t get the whole thing.

That’s because you still have Cloudflare’s nameservers configured at your registrar, you need to change the nameservers there like @sdayman said earlier.
If you’re no longer wanting to use Cloudflare, then the first step to fix this issue is to replace your nameservers, which your hosting probably has.


Thanks for your fast reply.

I will try to contact my host and registrar and ask for help by replacing the nameservers. The support I had on the phone today didn’t make the impression that they could help me.

Basically I was fine with the Cloudflare so far and I was just trying to install an SSL-certificat on the hoster. Since it didn’t work as hoped, I assumed that Cloudflare could be the cause and deactivated it. Since it didn’t help, I removed it. Not suspecting to get in such a big trouble that seems to be not resolvable. I would use Cloudflare in the future but realizing that there is no customer support is a bummer that makes me think twice.

If you open a ticket, you usually get an automated response on obvious things to check. You’d need to reply to that and let them know it still doesn’t work. Then a human gets involved. Can you post the ticket # so @cloonan can see where the process broke down?

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You made my day. Confirming that the registrar/hoster might fix the issue I just called their customer service again. With your words in mind I could describe the problem in a way that they fixed the cluster f* right away, rewriting the nameservers and all the DNS-entries. In a couple of hours everything will be fine, so they say.
Thanks again.

The Cloudflare ticket no. is 2099664 The mail with the ticket stated: “Priority is given to Enterprise, Business and Pro customers, in that order.” I don’t even appear on that list so I was not expecting any help soon.


Just for the record: what can I / someone else do next time, to avoid something like that? I assume removing a site from Cloudflare is not such a hassle if you do a certain procedure. Is there a documentation for that so that stupid mistakes like mine can be avoided?

Hi @tobias.rudolph there is a process to remove the site from cloudflare,

The article outlines these steps as it’s written from a cloudflare pov:

  1. Log in to Cloudflare .
  2. Select the domain you wish to delete .
  3. In the Overview app scroll down to Advanced Actions.
  4. Click Remove Site from Cloudflare .
  5. In the Remove Site dialog, click Confirm to proceed.

I’d cancel any subscriptions/services/plans I’m paying for first as those don’t cancel automatically when you remove the site from cloudflare and you don’t want to miss that step, then I’d change my name servers away from cloudflare and finally remove it via the dashboard. (There is a risk of domain hijacking if your have cloudflare name servers but don’t have the domain in your account, perhaps I’m being paranoid by suggesting to change them first and then remove, but that’s my rationale.)

Thanks for getting back.

That is basically what I did. Due to lack of technical understanding I missed the important point in the documentation:

If DNSSEC is activated via Cloudflare, remove the DS record from the registrar configuration in the DNS app before removing your Cloudflare domain.

One lesson learned. Thanks again for all contributors!

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As you noticed, you were 100% effective in removing your site from Cloudflare. Unfortunately, it was not set to use your host’s name servers before you did this.

It’s like stopping rent payments before you asked your parents if you could move back home. Cloudflare kicked you out, just ask you asked. You just didn’t get a key from your parents beforehand.

In the future, change name servers back first, then wait a week before removing the site from Cloudflare.

Reading that it seems that your suggestion should be added to the linked article. It would have saved me some trouble.

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Agreed. The intro bit really just implies you lose the benefits of the proxy. Not everything, including DNS resolution through Cloudflare.

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