Website not pointing to A-record

We have a client who we’ve had setup in Cloudflare for a while now. Their site is currently on a wpengine wp site however I didn’t see any A record in their DNS settings despite their domain’s nameservers pointing to Cloudflare). I just want to change the sites A record to a new version of the site, however the old A record never existed and the current A record isn’t showing anywhere in their dns settings. Any help would be appreciated!

when you say you’re not seeing an A record, where you do mean? In the Cloudflare dashboard? On nslookup?

keep in mind that it could be an AAAA record or a CNAME instead. With orange-clouded traffic, regardless if it’s set up as A, AAAA, A + AAAA, or CNAME, Cloudflare will create virtual A and AAAA records pointing to its own IPs and that’s what the public will see when they resolve the name

You didn’t say if it was an apex domain or a subdomain but if it’s a subdomain keep in mind that it could also be getting resolved via a wildcard DNS entry.

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