Website not opening from www via CloudFlare

My site is connected to Cloudflare.
The DNS settings say:

A IP_Server
A www IP_Server

When I enter mysite.comn the address bar of the browser, the site opens normally.
But when I enter, I get a 403 Forbidden error. It is from www that the site does not open.

Moreover, if proxying for A www records is enabled in the DNS settings, then there are no visitation logs on the server.
And if proxying is disabled, then another IP address is visible in the logs on the server (not the one specified in the DNS settings).
Please help me solve the problem.


I would not like to publish the domain in the public domain.
Is it possible to send a domain in private messages? Or something else?

You can run the domain at and post the exact time you did so here.

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I did everything as you said. Exact time 19:42. Timezone GMT+3

Got it.

Is the domain supposed to redirect to a .co domain?

yes, it should.

Follow the tutorial at Redirecting One Domain to Another and Cloudflare will already send the redirect.

As you already have DNS entries, you only need to configure the page rule.

I set up a 301 redirect via .htaccess. It should work correctly.
Same problem with .co domain.
It has no redirect.
Time on 19:53.
The hosting provider says to contact Cloudflare support.
They don’t have visit logs from www.

Don’t bother with the server redirect, just configure aforementioned page rule and it will work. You do not even need to configure the DNS entries as you already have those. Just the page rule as explained in the tutorial and it will work.

And what to do with the second domain?
It doesn’t come off the same way with www. but there is no redirect on it.

I am not sure what you are saying.

I have another domain connected to Cloudflare.
I entered it on
Time on 19:53.
This domain does not have a 301 redirect.
The problem is this:
When I enter in the address bar, the site opens correctly.
When I enter, I get a 403 error.
The server administrator says that the problem is on the Cloudflare side. The server administrator has no logs of visiting

Yeah, that is the .co domain we were previously talking about. If there’s an issue with that domain as well, you should discuss this in a separate thread.

As for the issue in this thread, simply make sure your page rule uses the naked .co domain for the redirect and it will work fine.