Website not opening after activating Cloudflare


I’m new here. I activated Cloudflare today and got a confirmation email that my status is active. On opening my website it displays this on screen " There was a problem loading this website". Mind you the site was working prior till I got the email.

Can someone help me find out what’s wrong please. My Cloudflare account was activated via Hostinger

Do you have a screenshot of the error page?

Yes I do

Email [email protected] explaining the issue, mentioning your domain and that you need the Shopify SSL for SaaS churned hostname removing then post the auto-reply ticket number you get here.

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Why do you think the problem is from Shopify? I had just recently transferred my domain from them to Hostinger.

Because that’s Shopify’s error page.

When you’re moving away from them, they don’t always remove their ‘claim’ of your domain on Cloudflare and proxying the domain leads to this error page.

You can contact Shopify and see if they can remove it but from my experience, their support is pretty lackluster at acknowledging it’s an issue and Cloudflare support are the quickest route.

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Thank you so much for your response KianNH. I have sent the email to Cloudflare support as you said.

I am using the free plan, I hope my problem will still be treated?

It’ll probably get closed automatically - what’s the ticket number you got back?

#2498699. It got closed

Hi KianNH, I had to pay for a paid plan and I have sent a response on ticket and it re-opend. Please help me look into this, My website is for business and have never been down this long.

Ticket number is:#2498699

Thank you

Hi everyone,

My website has been down for 18 good hours! Can anyone help me speed up the process in removing this Shopify Sass Custom Hostname?

My support ticket number is: #2498699

I’ve escalated the ticket to support.

Thanks KianNH. I have gotten response but I was referred to Shopify for help and Shopify is saying they are unable to help because my domain no longer points to them.

Still under 2498699?

The queue that myself or other MVPs can escalate to is here on the community & the next support member on the community will pick it up and take a look.

Shopify can and should remove it, but getting that past their support is not a fun task. CSUP will be able to remove it when they see the ticket.

Yes its still under the same ticket, thank you

Sorry for all the trouble on this one. I followed up on the ticket’s second issue which looks to be resolved now.