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I have updated the name servers of my website to cloudflare’s name servers .Also Added the CNAME and MX records and more that 2 days have passed but still the domain is not pointing to cloudflare. Can anybody help me please to resolve this issue.


Please check the domain name DNS configuration is effective

Means? Can you please explain in brief. The following things have done

Updated the name servers on 03-08-2020 in my domain registrar to

Apart from that i have also updated the following details:

A domain name , ip address and TTL- auto and Proxy status is Proxied

CNAME : www , domainname and TTL- auto and Proxy status is Proxied

MX: domain name , content : the mail server details, and TTL- auto and Proxy status is Proxied

My domain is

Please tell me where i am doing a mistake and why it is not getting pointed.


Your domain and site are on Cloudflare, but you installed your website into a /test subdirectory. Is this the site you installed?

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Hi @rajashreemehra096, I think it means DNS Propagation Checker - Global DNS Testing Tool to see if it’s propagated. A dig returns your Cloudflare nameservers, whois times out, :man_shrugging:.

I see

Post back and let us know if you see same, if not, try clear cache, different browser, incognito, mobile…{what @sdayman mentions above :+1:}

Hello, sir. I have kept my files in public_html. This is a test folder .This is not my site.I have developed my site and files are there in public_html. When i login into cloudflare . Go to Overview Tab, then i click on manage domain. there it is still showing that is not on cloudflare.

Sir, This is the snapshot of the message i am getting inside cloudflare.

Sir my domain is on other hosting provider and hosting is of other hosting provider .That is the reason this issue is coming i think. Please let me know that of which service provider should i add the an A, AAAA, or CNAME to cloudflare .The A, AAAA, or CNAME of the domain registrar or A, AAAA, or CNAME of the hosting?

That’s the Domain Registration. That’s normal, especially since it’s a .in TLD, which Cloudlfare Registrar doesn’t handle.

Your DNS is here. But if your DNS records here don’t match the DNS records at your website host, you need to update them here.

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