Website not loading - showing Index of / instead

I am trying to setup Cloudflare on this domain for the first time:

I updated the nameservers over 24 hours ago but the site is not loading. Instead, I am getting this Index of / page.

Also, if I ping the domain it seems to be pointing to a different IP address. It is pointing to an IP, but the websites IP address is

The site does have an SSL cert and is set to: “Full SSL”. Setting shows as: Universal SSL Status Active Certificate". I don’t know if that has anything to do with the problem?

The IP is correct. Cloudflare is a proxy and shows its IPs to the clients.

It seems that your webserver is configured to listen to HTTPS but not using the correct directory. (I didn’t check yout domain with cURL or something else)

For security reason:
Deactivate the directory listing in your webserver configuration.

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